Reduce operating costs of your Mobility Program

A corporate Mobility Program is necessity to ensure proper communication throughout an organisation. However, such program now represents a significant amount in your operating costs. By implementing TEM's (Telecom Expense Management) best practices and bringing our expertise into the equation, you can significantly reduce your operating costs and increase the service offered to your employees at a lower cost than doing it internally. That’s where our Managed Mobility Program (MMP) comes in to assist corporations in adopting new ways to manage activities that are necessary but less relevant to their core business.

Integrate BYOD to your Mobility Program

BYOD has some attractive qualities but it doesn’t provide the best cost saving program and 100% satisfaction from the employees perspective. Hybrid BYOD provides the best of both worlds and will significantly contribute to reduce operating costs while increasing your employees satisfaction by letting them use their favorite mobile devices. At GINGER TELECOM, we have designed a service that will help you transit over to a successful BYOD program deployment while you can focus on your core activities.

Keep a high service level in your Help Desk

With this new demographic aging challenge that puts pressure on keeping and finding qualified resources to fill in positions in your Help Desk service, you might want to consider our co-managed approach. GINGER TELECOM can provide you with the required resources to assist all telecom activities. Through our API which will interface with your ticketing system, it’s never been easier to transfer telecom related tickets to our specialists and have your own resources focus on core activities. Let’s team up together and increase the level of satisfaction of your employees from your Help Desk service department.


Better control of your assets

Sometimes there just aren’t enough resources or time to do a good job internally in managing your IT assets. As mobile devices cost are increasing every year, it’s about time to consider those devices as pure IT assets in your organization. Let us guide and help you in managing your inventory with appropriate treatment on their lifecycle to maximize your investment.