Technology first for greater visibility

By adhering to our TEM solution, you will get access to a variety of reports that consolidate all your telecom billing information onto a unique web-based platform. Cost visibility made easy! Our TEM solution is based on more the 15 years of technology development providing tools to quickly access the information that you are looking for. No more digging into paper bills. Access to a consolidated view of charges and usage will make it a breeze to get the data that you’re looking for.


  • Bilingual platform ,
  • Accessible 24/7,
  • Consolidate Canada & USA wireless carriers ,


Expert assistance for mobility resolution

Outsourcing your mobility related issues to our expert Help Desk service will free up your resources to focus on core activities for your enterprise and increase your productivity. Our Help Desk Service is designed to provide expert assistance to your employees when they need support with the mobile device. It covers all aspect of good practices to keep your mobile fleet device healthy and accurate at all times.


  • Bilingual,
  • Fast,
  • Dedicated Expert agents ,
  • Integrates with ServiceNow,

Protect your investment

If you are upgrading your mobile fleet, you should protect your investment by providing your employees with a protective case for their new device. Flexible plastic, heavy duty or even leather, we have them all!


An affordable solution to address mobile security

Ginger Telecom can offer a unique service that combines an MDM license1 with its complete managed service at unbeatable price. Our MDM managed service provides your peace of mind when it comes to ensure that your mobile devices are active on a MDM for greater security. Employees’ movement (ins and outs) is creating a potential gap in your security protocol which may results in less than 100% of adhesion to your security rules. That’s why we ensure that all employees will get secured mobile device according to your security rules.


  • Accessible 24/7
  • Fully managed by Ginger
  • No server required
  • Customizable
  • Integrates with LDAP
  • Integrates with Apple DEP/ABM and Samsung Knox (KME)

1Licenses are provided by Manage Engine, a Zoho Corporation.


Fast repair when business is on the line

Our repair service provides fast mobile repair for your employees when something happen with their mobile device. No more wait time for them. We have created a web-portal that can be personalized based on your needs when it comes to get mobile device repaired. The repair portal offers you a centralized approach to set business rules for approval (or pre-approval) along with PO allocation and options for your employees to get their device repaired same day within more than 80 repair center across Canada. We have partnered with Mobile Klinik to bring the repair service closer to your employees as we recognize that business depends on their efficiency and communication tool i.e. their mobile device.


  • 1St National FREE Web-portal
  • 80+ locations across Canada
  • Repair service within 1 hre