GINGER Telecom Launches National Mobile Device Repair Portal for Enterprise
June 11, 2019

GINGER Telecom launch GINGERmdm – a new approach to mobile security

Montreal, Canada – September 20th, 2019 – Mobile Device Management (MDM) and security has reached maturity as the industry is ready for change.

Small to medium size customers are now looking for lower price alternatives to mobile security and management. Therefore by introducing GINGERmdm service to the market, it becomes possible to fit licence and service together at a very competitive price point ” according to Steve Cohen, president of Ginger Telecom. ” GINGERmdm becomes a great complement to our vast existing services and products portfolio.”

After more than 10 years of rapid adoption in the corporate world, the MDM industry is living a transition phase were solution suppliers are bidding on higher scale functionalities versus others supplier are struggling with industry lower margin.

That’s why Ginger Telecom have seen an opportunity in the market by launching GINGERmdm, a service that includes license fee, local hosting and management at one low price.

GINGERmdm has been designed to answer business concerns ensuring 100% adhesion on MDM solution from their employees while managing the day-to-day activities and security of their mobility fleet.  This service offloads precious time from internal IT staff by leveraging the approach of managed services, a practice that is getting rapid adoption due to employees’ shortage and movement that we see in business world today.

About GINGER Telecom

GINGER Telecom is the creation from merged Managed Mobility Services (MMS) activities from both Mobile Maestria and Strukture Solutions, and becomes a Canadian leader in providing services, technology and expertise to effectively manage complete lifecycle of telecommunication assets in enterprise.  Based in Montreal (Canada) with more than 20 employees, GINGER Telecom is well position to fill the gap for corporations who are seeking for assistance and efficiency in managing their telecommunication programs.

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